The latest innovation to come from Screen Excellence is Contrast with Ambient-Visionaire, a solid screen that has been specifically optimised to excel in applications where ambient light is not fully eliminated and the speakers cannot be located behind the screen.

CE Pro spoke exclusively to Screen Excellence’s COO Jaro Pollanen for details on the new launch; so what is it that makes Contrast so innovative?

“It’s the method of ambient light rejection which is innovative,” Jaro answers. “On a microscopic level, the layered combination of directional nano mirrors and light absorbing carbon particles absorb multi-directional ambient light – as illustrated on the 16K pixel blowout diagram.”

screenshot-2016-11-24-09-56-19The projection surface is deposited by billions of nano mirrors, dithered at the desired viewing angle, and layered so that side light (from any direction) will be absorbed by carbon particles and the substrate. The top layer is a durable surface that can be wiped down and cleaned with common household cleaners.

“The Ambient-Visionaire projection surface offers reference quality colour uniformity without any colour shift, sparkles or ringing,” Jaro adds. “Combined with our Infinite Black velvet frame, the contrast and luxurious aesthetic is maximised.

“The Contrast screen is specifically designed to be used in environments where ambient light cannot be eliminated and it is not essential for the speakers to be placed behind an acoustically transparent screen, but where the full contrast experience is required,” Jaro clarifies. “Sports bars and private media rooms are great examples of where this screen will shine.”

Contrast with Ambient-Visionaire ambient-visionaireNot forgetting that Contrast with Ambient-Visionaire is fully 4K and HDR compatible, and has already received the ‘best in class’ award from experienced reference calibrator, AccuCal.

Contrast with Ambient-Visionaire comes with two choices of projection surface:


Ambient-Visionaire Black:

  • 1.2 gain
  • 45° viewing angle
  • Extreme contrast (up to 9 x vs. standard white screen)

Ambient-Visionaire Silver:

  • 1.3 gain
  • 70° viewing angle
  • Excellent contrast (up to 3 x vs. standard white screen)

Contrast with Ambient-Visionaire is hand crafted to order and available in sizes up to:

  • 106” / 2692mm wide (122” diagonal) in HD format (1.78:1 AR)
  • 140” / 3556mm wide (152” diagonal) in WS format (2.35:1 – 2.40:1 AR)

The manufacturer adds that custom sizes and aspect ratios are available upon request.

Available to custom installers now, Contrast has been designed with ease of install in mind. “The Contrast screen comes from the same stable as the rest of our Screen Excellence range, hence it’s fundamentally a simple and quick screen to install,” Jaro confirms.

The projection surface is bordered by a neat 33mm depth, Infinite Black velvet coated, high-grade aluminum frame.

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