Snap One will demonstrate an expanding ecosystem of commercial custom integration solutions designed to deliver superior experiences, simplify installation and help streamline integrators’ businesses at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, NV. 

At Booth #C9477 the company is presenting a complete overview of how its fully compatible control, AV, surveillance, remote system management and networking solutions create a one-stop shopping experience for integrators.

“Our Partners know Snap One delivers unrivalled product selection and support, and we want every InfoComm attendee to see for themselves how we can help their business grow and increase profitability through an innovative product ecosystem that addresses the needs of today’s commercial projects – regardless of scope or scale,” says Alston Mann, Snap One GM of Commercial & Security. 

“From easy-to-use smart building control with Control4 to Media-over-IP solutions from Binary, Episode, Luma, Access Networks and more, we have the tools integrators need to deliver the enhanced experiences their clients demand.”

Snap One’s booth is outfitted with solutions to suit every sort of commercial project and includes demos showing how the products work together to provide advanced capabilities and simple control of business operations.

This year at InfoComm 2024, Access Networks will make its commercial market debut as a Snap One brand along with the announcement of Access Networks Wi-Fi 6 Unleashed access points with OvrC enablement coming soon. 

Access Networks will offer full integration with OvrC, OvrC Pro and Control4 that will simplify system configuration and offer Partners a diverse portfolio of products and services that will provide clients with technology rich network solutions. 

At the booth, visitors will see Access Networks networking solutions, including the Sophos XGS 136 Router/Firewall, Access Networks switches and several indoor and outdoor access points. 

Commercial Partners can also get a demonstration of the RG Nets gateway with the Access Networks team to see how they can easily manage network services across multiple sites and increase shared network revenue.

Show attendees will also experience how Araknis networking equipment elevates their installations with new 2.5Gbps routers with OvrC Pro, new Layer 3 PoE++ switches that offer up to 10Gbps and indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi 6 solutions. 

For infrastructure support, Snap One will showcase Strong’s VersaMount, Carbon Series Ceiling Mounts and offer demos of its In-Cabinet Slide-Out Racks that support up to 300 pounds of gear. 

One of the highlights is the integration support for WattBox equipment, as the VersaMount includes both built-in wire management and a knockout to add the Compact WattBox power control and OvrC monitoring product.

The WattBox ecosystem of power conditioners and UPS devices, also on display in the booth, provides enhanced protection for equipment while offering simple remote system monitoring and management through the web-based OvrC and OvrC Pro platforms. 

This enables integrators to troubleshoot issues remotely, limit service calls, reboot individual devices from anywhere, and program scheduled notifications of system status and performance. 

With push-alerts, Snap One Partners can often respond to maintenance concerns remotely before the customer is even aware of the issue, raising the level of support and strengthening customer trust. New features also empower customers to solve minor, immediate issues on their own including device resets.

For audio video solutions, Snap One’s booth demonstrates the depth of its product catalogue with speakers and amps from Episode, surveillance and storage solutions from Luma and the project-simplifying power of MoIP tools from Binary. 

Attendees can sample an Episode Radiance 4.1 system, said to be a first-of-its-kind 70V system, that combines outdoor audio and landscape lighting on a single two-conductor wire. 

They can also learn about the dual-input benefits of Episode MixAmps and the convenience of Episode Lynk Audio Casting, along with information about additional product lines. 

Surveillance is top of mind, too, as shown in the Luma display that highlights the latest x20 Series products including 16- and 32-channel NVRs, new cameras such as a 25x PTZ model and the Luma Video Management System (VMS). Luma systems can be configured quickly through OvrC, saving Snap One Partners time and money on each project. 

Attendees can meet with Snap One experts to discuss Luma’s high-definition capabilities, deep integration with Control4, and the new improved Luma View app for end users. 

Integrators seeking solutions to simplify their system designs and expedite installation need look no further than Snap One’s multi-category MoIP ecosystem, which offers simple Cat6 cable connections to replace expensive HDMI runs. MoIP-capable products on display include Binary transmitters and receivers, Episode MoIP amps, Luma’s x20 cameras, Araknis’ 920 Series networking gear and Control4 controllers. 

The ecosystem enables distribution of 4K60 4:4:4 HDR10 and Dolby Vision signals, video tiling and video wall tools, and even support for third-party Control systems that makes it ideal for retrofits and system upgrades. Additionally, visitors can see Wirepath’s One Enclosure products designed to offer a fast, simple-structured wiring solution that eliminates Wi-Fi interference with its plastic construction.

Many of these valuable solutions are wrapped into a demo setup for Control4, where a Snap One expert demos Halo Remotes, Control4 Touchscreens and the Control4 mobile app to easily control lights, shades and media sources throughout the booth, including pre-programmed scenes, voice-triggered events and sensor-based automations. Control4’s Vibrant Lighting line of fully controllable RGBW LED solutions is also highlighted in multiple areas of the booth.

Integrators can also learn about the power and user-friendly features of OvrC Pro and the OvrC Pro Site Management portal, which provide a single web-based dashboard to view system details across all connected projects, including active capabilities to enact device reboots and set event-based alerts to improve response times and customer relationships. It even offers a self-healing function that automatically checks customers’ internet connections and initiates device reboots autonomously when needed. OvrC Pro also enables rapid whole-system configuration for many Snap One solutions including Luma and Episode equipment.

“From the simplest surveillance project to the advanced voice-activated lighting and media experiences, Snap One is innovating and delivering the most capable products on the market today along with integrator-friendly solutions that simplify installation and maintenance,” Scott Normand, Snap One Senior Director Commercial Market adds. 

“At our InfoComm 2024 booth, anyone who hasn’t seen our wide array of class-leading products can get a crash course in the high value we provide and take the first step on their journey to higher profitability and enhanced services.”

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