In a new initiative, Pulse Cinemas is offering a full window treatment service, enabling its install partners to confidently specify and deliver fully automated shading and curtains for a huge range of projects.

Able to source, supply and fit some of the biggest makers in the business, Pulse Cinemas is now offering installers the chance to exploit the growing trend for window treatments, even if they have little or no experience in the area. Covering residential or commercial settings, the new service delivers the opportunity to add a considerable boost to the bottom line of each project. The synergies between what an AV and automation installer offers and the approach used when specifying window treatments is clear, a bespoke set of products tailored to the tastes and needs of each customer, however until relatively recently, the specification of these products tended to be the preserve of the architect or interior designers. What has shifted in recent years is that with customers increasingly seeking automation, the design community’s ability to deliver a reliable solution has been outstripped by automation specialists who can ensure the treatments will work with the rest of the systems fitted to the house and is reliable.

Pulse will be offering every conceivable type of window treatment available from curtains, roman, roller and venetian blinds, to full black-out treatments and blinds which can filter and control ambient light. The company can create treatments that make a design statement or ones that are hidden until needed.

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MD, explains, “We are always looking to find ways of helping our install partners deliver a more comprehensive service and offering the chance to deliver in the growing area of window treatments is another opportunity for us and our partners to do just that.

“If you have been reluctant to include window treatment in your quotes because you were not sure you could deliver to the same the standard as the rest of the project, you can now work directly with us and we will manage that aspect of the work for you.”

All installers need to do to get started is provide technical specs for a project, drawings, room plans etc, and Pulse can then provide a complete service of drawing up the proposal and quote, making a site visit if needed. Then when it comes to fitting the products, that can be taken care of via Pulse too, all the installer has to do is wire for the products and then program them into the rest of the automation system at the end. If installers are more confident in this area, then Pulse can just provide the quote and the products, and the installers can fit themselves. The plan is to provide a sliding scale of exactly the amount of support each installer needs.

Added value

Pulse underlines that this new relationship will deliver other benefits as well. The Pulse team is highly experienced in dealing with the world of interior designers and architects. Speaking the same language, Pulse is very confident the company can facilitate better communication between the technical needs of the installer and the design goals of the interior designer. Pulse argues having a partner that can speak knowledgeably about different types of fabrics and different styles with the client, builds confidence to help win the work in the first place, and reassures the interior designer that they can still achieve any style they need to, but the technical aspects will perform also.

Mike says, “This way everyone wins, the client gets the look and the performance they want and each trade is able to deliver to a higher degree of customer satisfaction.”

Added value is something that lots of distributors aim for with each service and product they offer. Just shifting boxes has not been enough in the install sector in truth for years, so Pulse is aiming to deliver more of that here. Yes, installers can source and deliver high-quality window treatments through this relationship, but also it’s the bridge between the installer and the design community that Pulse is proposing to build here that is also of value, allowing installers to become ‘instant experts’ helping to win the project and then be sure of delivering a highly professional result and a higher profit level.

Window treatments can be seen in abundance at Pulse HQ in Stansted already adorning the reception areas as well as in the brand-new media room, this new aspect of the Pulse offering will also be seen at the many events and shows hosted by the company.

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