Design Innovation Creates Corisande’s Ideal Home

Glenfield Frith Drive was a Design Innovation project with a very special focus on creating the right assisted living environment for customer Corisande, who faces physical challenges that needed specific support.

Created by Design Innovation, the project involved designing and installing smart home automation including smart lighting, heating and cooling systems, automated doors and windows, multiroom audio, distributed video, access control, alarm systems, CCTV, and all necessary electrical work.

The customer’s goals and motivations were to enhance her quality of life creating a living environment that provides greater independence, comfort, and convenience through the integration of smart technologies.

David Bradshaw, Managing Director of Design Innovation, explains the main issues the project needed to address, “Our team needed to ensure that the house design and layout are fully accessible and accommodating for Corisande’s specific mobility needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, ramps, wide doorways and appropriate placement of switches and controls.

Creating the desired level of independence and convenience, we also needed to provide Corisande with the ability to control various aspects of her home independently, such as lighting, temperature, and audio/video systems, designed to enhance her comfort and convenience.”

Safety and security were also very important with the company providing robust security measures, including access control systems, alarms, and CCTV, to ensure Corisande’s safety and peace of mind, considering her potential vulnerability.

David adds, “Integration and ease of use were of course also important, ensuring that all the smart technologies installed in the home are seamlessly integrated and user-friendly, enabling Corisande to easily manage and control different systems using a centralised interface or accessible control mechanisms.

“It was also important to provide Corisande with personalised control over her living space, enabling her to adjust lighting, temperature, audio, and video according to her preferences, without relying on assistance from others.”

Having a sustainable and energy-efficient home design, incorporating smart systems that optimize energy usage, reduce utility costs, and contribute to environmental conservation, was also important for the project. Overall, the project aimed to create a smart home tailored to Corisande’s specific needs, focusing on accessibility, convenience, safety, and personalisation to enhance her daily living experience.


Project Detail

David reveals, “We utilised the KNX automation protocol for integrating the lighting, heating, windows and doors systems. KNX is a widely used standard for home automation that allows for seamless control and communication between different devices and systems. It provides flexibility and interoperability, enabling Corisande to manage these functionalities through a centralised interface or mobile app.

“Control4 was chosen as the user interface and audio/video control system for the smart home. The system allows Corisande to manage and control audio distribution and video playback throughout her home, providing a centralised and user-friendly experience.

David continues, “Texecom was selected for the alarm system. Texecom is a well-known brand that offers advanced security solutions, including intruder detection, motion sensors, and window/door sensors. With Texecom, Corisande’s home is protected by a reliable alarm system that provides effective security monitoring and alerts.”

Further product selections included Luma for the CCTV system. Luma offers a range of high-quality surveillance cameras and recording equipment for video monitoring. The CCTV system provides Corisande with visual coverage of her home’s surroundings, enhancing security and providing remote access to live or recorded video footage.

David Concludes, “By using KNX for lighting, heating, windows, and doors, Control4 for the user interface and audio/video control, Texecom for the alarm system, and Luma for CCTV, we ensured a robust and integrated smart home solution for Corisande. These specific brands and automation products were carefully selected to meet her needs and provide a reliable and user-friendly smart home experience.”

Specialist building technology wholesaler and KNX distributor Ivory Egg supplied the KNX products the team required.

Sophie Thomas, Marketing & Business Manager, Ivory Egg, adds, “The scope of this project exemplifies why KNX is a standout choice when deciding on a protocol for a home automation system. Its flexibility, coupled with Design Innovation’s experience and skill in KNX system design and product specification, has resulted in a project that is life changing.

“The integration of KNX with other technologies has been handled in such a way that demonstrates that the occupant has been front of mind with every design decision. We’re thrilled to be able to showcase this project and the amazing work the Design Innovation team have achieved.”


Image credit Steve Edwards Photography

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