Artcoustic’s Installation of the Month: Philharmonic AV’s Award-Winning Home Cinema

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout in this Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 home cinema from Philharmonic AV, with Spitfire 4-2s used for the LCR, and Architect SL 2-1s for the listener level surrounds and overheads.

This installation was acknowledged at the 2017 CEDIA Awards, winning in the ‘Best Cinema – under £40K’ category.

The speakers used in this award-winning installation are the Spitfire 4-2 and the Architect SL 2-1. The Spitfire 4-2 is Artcoustic’s entry-level cinema speaker, capable of 115db output, with a sensitivity of 95db. This makes them very easy to drive, and offers a superb option for system where the budget is tight.

The Architect series is used in both the ceiling and the walls for this installation. They have the same tonality and timbre as the rest of the Artcoustic range, but with a different installation option. The Architect SL 2-1s (used here) are often installed in ceilings, but can also be installed into walls to reduce the depth that would be needed for the Target SL – the on-wall equivalent.

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