Netgear has announced that the M4300 series switches are now officially Crestron certified. As well as being applicable for high end residential and light commercial applications, this certification opens the door to installations such as conference rooms, active learning, huddle spaces and digital signage.

Netgear has purposely configured the M4300 and new M4500 series switches to work out of the box for most AV over IP installations – and this is the case for Crestron DM NVX endpoints as well. Most other network switches on the Crestron Certified list require a configuration file to function properly.

The certified M4300 switches are preconfigured and require no other setup to work with the Crestron DM NVX encoders and decoders. The result is less time spent configuring the switch and more time to focus on the other parts of the installation.

“The certification of our robust M4300 switches by such a leader in this industry is a fantastic validation of the work Netgear is doing in the pro AV market,” comments Laurent Masia, Director of Product Line Management for Managed Switches. “Our customers have been asking for this Crestron DM NVX certification and we are very happy to officially be a part of such a great solution.”

“Crestron solutions and the third party devices that work with them always go through rigorous testing to ensure they are 100% compatible, integrated solutions that meet Crestron’s strict policy for quality and end-user deployment requirements,” adds Bob Bavolacco, Crestron’s Director of Technology Partnerships.

“The certification of Netgear’s M4300 is no exception to this, and benefits the integrator by providing a seamless, compatible switching solution that is 100% compatible with Crestron’s DM NVX endpoints.”

The M4300 series switches are purposefully engineered for AV over IP installations and offer a variety of models to fit a user’s port count and connection type requirements. They can also be stacked allowing for future expansion needs. Netgear IGMP Plus ensures easy multicasting with Zero Touch network configuration out of the box without flooding the network. 

The M4300 includes a number of other features including PoE+, IGMPv3, IGMP snooping, IGMP Fast-leave, and a non-blocking backplane to ensure proper multicasting of any type of AV over IP protocol.

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