Henley Audio has announced its partnership with audio and smart home product specialist WiiM. The partnership means that effective immediately, the Oxfordshire-based company takes charge of brand sales, marketing, service and pre-/post-sales support for WiiM in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

Part of the Newark, CA-based Linkplay Technologies group, WiiM is a young brand with a mission to deliver premium smart home experiences through simple and affordable connected Al products. 

WiiM currently offers two audio products: the WiiM Mini and WiiM Pro. The Mini is a hockey puck-sized 192 kHz/24-bit-capable streamer that claims to instantly “turn any audio gear smart”, offering features including Amazon Music, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Qobuz, TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect. 

The Pro’s additional features include Ethernet and Chromecast Audio, plus the ability to group with Nest speakers and work with Alexa Multiroom with UHD. WiiM has also just announced that the WiiM Pro has achieved Roon ready certification.

Both WiiM models are designed to make multi-room audio a seamless process – all a  user need do is add and wirelessly connect WiiM Minis, WiiM Pros or Linkplay-powered devices – it’s even possible to stream audio from a WiiM-connected turntable to a WiiM-linked sound system. 

The accompanying WiiM Home app enables total control of a WiiM set-up, letting users corral all their music services, synchronise music to multiple devices, set music alarms, and apply multiple EQ options, including 26 presets and bass and treble adjustments.

“This partnership is terrific news for all, including our dealers and their customers,” comments Laurence Armstrong, Managing Director of Henley Audio.

“Our in-house sales and tech teams have determinedly put the WiiM models through their paces, and the units continually deliver the goods. Indeed, WiiM gear transforms, bringing smart audio features to hi-fi gear, including turntables, which, of course, is a category we know inside out! File WiiM under ‘system enhancing’ and watch this space – this agreement is a smart move in more ways than one.”

The WiiM Mini and WiiM Pro stock ships to Henley Audio’s broad network of UK dealers this month, priced (SRP) £89.00 and £149.00, respectively. 

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