My KNX Store has launched a new website with cleaner and easier navigation so customers can find out more on the range of home automation, lighting control and building technology products from its partner GIRA.

Managing director Barry Wilkinson says products would be added daily to ensure the distributor’s site provided the latest KNX products.

Meanwhile the company will be introducing KNX Partner Training in the very near future. Key features of the website include a blog, help desk, quick-search options for those who know what they were looking for as well as the GIRA range of products, says Barry. Overall goals were to make the website easier and faster to navigate.

“We want people to access a wider range of KNX products presented with crystal-clear imagery and detailed supporting technical data. We want our customers to have the best experience when visiting our store and get to know us, our team and what we do.”

KNX Store has more than 30 years’ experience across a wide range of residential and commercial projects. On-going KNX partner training programs aim to ensure the knowledge of KNX automation reaches existing and new installers across emerging markets.

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