Magnifique Multizone Delivers Hermès Inspired Home Theater

Pro Control helps to deliver simple control for a refined, elegant home cinema in the south of France, courtesy of install experts Multizone.

With a vision and the right tools, any space can become a masterpiece. That was especially true when integration company Multizone took on a home cinema project at a Provençal-style farmhouse located in the Southern French department of Hérault that was undergoing renovations. MultiZone is a family THX certified company located in Montpellier specialised in the creation of private cinemas for 23 years. This project came into the company via the Dom Deco Création architecture agency based in Montpellier, which entrusted Multizone with the project. Multizone provided the customer with a demonstration in the company’s 20M² private cinema room that impressed the customers. They were able to see the image and hear the sound in Dolby Atmos.

The homeowners envisioned a dedicated home cinema that would deliver an elegant cinematic experience. They identified the unfinished storage space above the garage as the perfect space, furnished with state-of-the-art technology and luxury finishes as designed by interior design company Dom Deco Creation. The details were an important part of achieving that vision, especially went it came to controlling the technology in the room.

Designed in a mix of contemporary style and inspired by the great French luxury design houses, such as Hermès, Multizone’s Antonia Davin transformed the unused room. The private home cinema invites up to eight guests to relax in the Oray adjustable recliners upholstered in a buttery tan leather reminiscent of the iconic French brand. The walls are covered in royal blue sound-absorption panels and accented with modern lighting features and a star ceiling that bathes the room in a soft glow. For video, Antonia installed a JVC DLA-N5 UHD 4K projector with a Lumene projection screen; an Apple TV and Sony UBP-X800M2 UHD 4K Blu-ray player as the video sources. The room’s audio includes Elipson Infinite Series speaker system and an ARCAM AVR20 receiver.

While providing high-def video and audio was vital to achieving a true cinematic experience, it was equally important that the homeowners could easily control every component. From effortlessly powering up every piece of equipment to having a digital movie selection that felt high-tech yet intuitive, the control system needed to be personalised, easy to use, and elegant. For that reason, Multizone chose the Pro Control R Series.

Pro Control was created to deliver an ‘exceptional’ control experience in media rooms and smart home theaters. It features a sleek user interface that Antonia was able to program easily with the wizard-based Pro Control Studio software. The ProLink.r processor stores macros and commands to deliver complete system control; for example, turning on the AV equipment and dimming the lights with just one button. For this project, the Pro Control processor manages lighting via a four-channel Futronix switch. The homeowners use an iPad with the Pro Control interface programmed to the finest detail, echoing the painstaking designer touches in the room.

“From this raw space, we were able to create a haven of technology and relaxation at the touch a button on the Pro Control system,” says Antonia. “When you walk through the door, the experience is magical due to state-of-the-art sound, image, and control technology that all came together with our know-how, Pro Control, and the tailor-made atmosphere imagined by Dom Deco Creation.”

A happy customer

Now up and running both installer and customer are extremely happy with the results.

Antonia explains, “This project was carried out in several stages because we had to move forward with the progress of the work of the architectural agency. All technical challenges have been mastered despite the lack of manpower and the COVID effect. We delayed delivering the movie theater to the client because we wanted every detail to be perfect. Moreover, it was received without any reservations, and we had it audited by a videographer and a photographer.

“The wow effect was ensured during the delivery of the cinema when the customer entered the room and everything lit up. It’s just, beautiful!

Our favourite part is obviously customer satisfaction in the first place. This project took us out of our usual comfort zone and we warmly thank Dominique Covinhes, Founder of Dom Deco Création, for her professionalism throughout this project. For the client, I think it is to have an exceptional place like this to enhance his property that he can show to his friends and enjoy at the same time.”

Essential Kit List

ProControl ProLink.r Processor

ProControl ProPanel App License


Lumene 16:9 projection screen

Apple TV

Sony UBP-X800M2 UHD 4K Blu-ray player

Elipson Infinite Series speakers


iPad Mini

ORAY custom seating

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