Anthem AV Solutions, the UK-based distributor, has announced that it is now shipping the new SIM2 xTV.

The SIM2 xTV made its UK debut at the DSE Group showroom in Central London on July 13, boasting a compact form factor for installers needing short throw projection that can turn any wall into a pixel perfect screen.

Anthem AV Solutions says that the xTV is designed to fit comfortably on a table, ceiling or flush mounted into joinery, giving installers the ability to deliver premium image entertainment into just about any environment. SIM2 believes that the xTV is an ideal device for users who want to neither sacrifice form or function.

The SIM2 xTV is housed in a pure crystal-glass cabinet that uses the latest in laser illumination technology to produce SIM2-quaility images up to 110in.

The projector itself was designed by Giorgio Revoldini, giving it a dramatic statement in interior design and making it what SIM2 calls ‘a classic distinctive and timeless piece of art’. A special lens makes the xTV highly adaptable to different environments and gives it flexibility for installations.

Maurizio Cini, CEO of SIM2, comments: “We see the xTV as a very different category of product. It offers a solution that can’t be matched by front projection or a flat panel.

“The concept is not to compete with a flat panel, but to create a new sales opportunity. If you have an area with high ambient light, you can use the xTV with a screen that makes the picture brighter than a television.”

The xTV is an all-digital device using laser hybrid illumination and DLP picture technology to create images that are finely-tuned to reproduce the diversity of colours, with up to 2,900 ANSI lumen light output.

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