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Home Cinema

Epic Home Cinema Envy

After receiving a high-quality demo, there was only outcome the customer wanted for their home cinema project. Luke Crutcher, Director at Living Home Tech, tak...
Perfect Integration

Classic, calming and cultured home cinema

This very stylish home cinema expertly executed by Perfect Integration is just one of the cinemas in the running for our Smart Building Awards this year. The P...
Pulse Cinemas

Home Cinema Design: Let’s Get Real!

Pulse Cinemas has announced a new level of realistic planning and presentation imaging and video services to allow home cinema installers to excite and inspire...
Dirac Live

Room Correction System Shoot Out

One of the hottest subjects in the industry right now is room correction, taking high-performance systems and tuning them specifically for the environment they...
ISE 2020

ISE Review 2020: Audio and Home Cinema

Here we present part two of our massive ISE 2020 round up, this time taking a look at the exciting sector of audio and home cinema. See here for part one o...

Sign Up For The Pulse Cinemas ISE Tour!

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MD, introduces the ISE Tour 2020, a unique chance to explore the show and discover more about the brands the distributor supplies an...