The Lighting Designer features a large catalogue of internal and external fittings to ensure there is always a suitable lighting fixtures available for every project.

As integrators, contractors and designers are aware, matching a control interface with an appropriate fixture is extremely important for ensuring they deliver a quality lighting design, however, this can prove challenging. TLD solves this issue by providing a large database of compatible fittings to match each driver or ballast.

At the last count, TLD features over 1,700 lighting fixtures from manufacturers including Collingwood, Delta Light, Iguzzini, John Cullen, Ketra, and Orluna, to name just a few. This portfolio includes internal and external fittings that are round, square, and profile in shape, and are can be installed in or on the ceiling, floor, shelf, stairs, and wall.

With such a large number of lighting fittings available globally, The Lighting Designer team has kept the software open to allow users to build their own library of fixtures by simply adding new additions as and when required. This ensures that whether a favourite fixture to use is from one of the leading manufacturers or from a local wholesaler, it is possible to have it featured within the system.

Users have the ability to input the relevant information from the supplier’s website into TLD, and the fixture is immediately added to their own library and stored there for future projects. The same process can be completed for drivers.

TLD is a cloud-based design and specification tool that produces technically correct and compliant designs in a just matter of minutes. The software is targeted at technology integrators, electrical contractors, and lighting designers and allows them to work together efficiently, ensuring no mistakes are made during the specification, design, and installation stages of a lighting project.

A TLD license is priced at just £200 per year. Users can purchase an extra seat in TLD for their lighting partners for an additional £75 per year. 

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