Created to promote a minimalistic approach to on-wall control, Equinox 41 functions as a graphical user interface to the Vantage system and provides a personalised dashboard for multi-system control.

The screen features the company’s widget based icon system designed for intuitive control.

Once configured, widgets can be edited on the device itself and in addition, individualised profiles can be created based on time of day, location, function, or individual.

Using the power of InFusion and Design Centre software, Equinox devices come with both a predefined graphical interface and an auto-configuration capability.

Legrand says this predefined environment allows installers to efficiently create intuitive screens that are consistent with the entire user environment while InFusion provides the ability to completely customise the luxury space.

Lead features include a 4.3in LCD panel with projected capacitive touch interface, Titanium TrimLine II frame, black glass-to-edge surface aesthetic and an ambient light sensor for auto day/night backlighting.

There is also a motion sensor screen ON and initiate a task and the widget environment populates out to present a matching interface across Android and iOS equipment.

The screens also offer active IR sensors for approach On and Auto sleep modes, low power consumption and tap/swipe/press/hold navigation functionality.

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