D-Tools, Inc., provider of system integration software, is introducing installers to its newest version of the System Integrator Software, SI 2015; offering live demos of its iPad Mobile Quote App and making new partnership announcements with SpringDeck, SupplyStream and others.

The latest iteration of the platform (SI-2015 – available now) features several updates, including integration with QuickBooks and other accounting software, which allows installers to track inventory and order status and sync vendors.

SI 2015’s Mobile Workflow and Installation Management capabilities are also new, letting users track the status of install tasks from a smartphone or tablet and send/receive device-level notifications.

Users can schedule installs and make updates to a centralised calendar, then broadcast those appointments and changes out to their team in real-time, while changes automatically synchronize back with the SI 2015 platform.

AutoCAD (including AutoCAD 2015) and Visio-based drawings provide clearer and more concise communications between team members and consultants for more effective project management.

Installers can also get up close with D-Tool’s Mobile Quote iOS App. The same functionality is also now available through SI 2015.

A workflow-enhancing application, Mobile Quote represents an opportunity for systems integrators to work with clients in the field to secure an accurate and immediately deliverable system design quote.

That same quote can then be emailed to the client and imported back into the full desktop version of D-Tools for integration into the project.

SpringDeck, an innovative new App-based sales-presentation tool, and D-Tools have strategically partnered to offer manufacturers and dealers the ability to seamlessly move through the entire sales process – from initial sales presentation to final installation – with what the pair describe as unprecedented visibility into pipeline activity and success rates.

D-Tools says users of both systems will reap the added benefit of robust analytics that will ultimately illustrate how, what, where and why products are being presented, specified and installed.

By coupling SpringDeck’s App-based connection tool that brings together products, sales teams and potential clients with D-Tools’ data-driven software platform, users of both systems will be able to execute the entire sales process from the initial sales presentation via SpringDeck, to the estimation, design, project and installation management via D-Tools.

SupplyStream, a leading web-based product catalogue and industry purchasing platform has also formed a strategic partnership with D-Tools that is designed to establish new standards for product specification gathering, categorisation, management and publishing to help streamline data management for manufacturers, distributors and integrators of audio video systems.

One of the primary goals for the D-Tools and SupplyStream partnership is to establish a set of standards that can be used by both industry manufacturers and the dealers and integrators who ultimately utilise this information to specify, purchase and resell products to their clients.
Visitors can also hear details on the new New Data Library that provides integrated analytics and communication systems for manufacturers and the D-Tools user community from within the D-Tools System Integrator software environment.

The system enables more timely manufacturer pricing updates, special offers and other relevant information.

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