Jamo Returns With The Studio7 Series

The Jamo story starts in 1968 in Glyngøre, a tiny fishing village on Denmark’s north shore. Here, two brothers-in-law combined skills and went into business together. Preben Jacobsen was a talented craftsman blessed with excellent woodworking skills, a broad knowledge of acoustics, and a passion for pure sound. Julius Mortensen was an experienced salesman from the fishing industry. The two men used the first two letters of their surnames to form the company moniker: Jacobsen + Mortensen = JAMO.
Within two years of the brand’s creation, the hen house where Jamo started was history, and Preben and Julius constructed their own purpose-built research, development, and production facility. By 1978, over one million speakers had rolled off the Glyngøre assembly line. By 1994 Jamo had grown to become one of Europe’s largest speaker brand and was the first European company to release THX Certified speakers.In 2005, Klipsch acquired Jamo and, under the new venture, launched the iconic R909 the following year. The following year, this product was voted European High-End Loudspeaker of The Year 2006-2007 by EISA. A product like no other – complete with its pioneering open-back design – the R909 to this day invokes respect and nostalgia.
During the next decade, Jamo continued to innovate – e.g., Dolby Atmos metal connectors on the Studio 8 ATM speakers – and extend its product portfolio to include custom installation speakers, soundbars and digital solutions. But the business was treading water, and Jamo had lost its pioneering spirit. Today marks an exciting new chapter in the long life of this revered brand: Jamo’s rebirth!

Launch of The Studio7 Series

Studio7 is Jamo’s new range of passive loudspeakers and is a worthy successor to the Jamo legacy. The richness of Nordic nature inspired its Scandinavian design, and the new line owes its name to the 7° tilt that makes its look and sound so distinctive. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to offer a rare combination of aesthetics and audio performance.
With its minimalist aesthetic, clean lines, and attention to detail, the Studio7 series is a textbook example of form following function and ushers in a new era of performance for Jamo, says the company. Inspired by nature, the Studio7 series is a tribute to its two founders, Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen.
An all-new 1in tweeter featuring a copper faraday ring which increases sensitivity and reduces non-linear distortion, carries out the high-frequency duties. The tweeter and surround are made from fabric and exhibit strong distortion characteristics and wide bandwidth for a non-fatiguing yet detailed sound.


The High-Frequency waveguide was optimised using Jamo’s exclusive COMSOL software model. The Danish maker validates the waveguide and tweeter performance through countless hours of real-world testing to ensure consistency, reliability, and performance even at high sound pressure levels for extended periods.
To ensure a coherent sound stage, Jamo has time-aligned the acoustic centres of the drive units by tilting the cabinet back and mounting it on a plinth that houses the speaker crossover. This implementation helps minimise the timing anomalies in a more traditional enclosure.
The bass drivers feature embossed paper cones, high strength motor assemblies incorporating aluminium inductance shorting rings that enhance power handling and lower distortion. The aluminium shorting ring lowers distortion for clean, dynamic bass and increases power handling as the aluminium ring acts as a heat sink. The embossed paper cone with ‘Thor’s Hammer’ detailing increases the rigidity to improve the transient response for that snappy yet natural bass.
When a speaker driver produces sound, energy spreads across the speaker’s baffle towards the edge of the cabinet. If that energy hits a hard cabinet edge, a smaller version of this energy reflects towards the driver, causing a time-shifted low-level signal that can corrupt the sound of the driver leading to distortion. To help prevent colouring of the driver’s signal, Jamo rounds the cabinet edge, meaning the energy gently dissipates naturally.
The Jamo Studio speakers’ cabinet walls are thicker (15 mm MDF with 18 mm Front baffle) and critically braced to ensure a low degree of « self-noise ». This design allows users hear more low-level detail and increases resolution when playing at any output level.

Jamo houses the crossover in its sealed plinth to minimise the possibility of any interaction between the large bass driver magnet and the inductors in the crossover. The Studio7 design also pays particular attention to the topology and component selection. Using Mylar and non-polarised electrolytic capacitors, along with iron and air core inductors and 25 W resistors, blends the speaker drivers delivering the highest level of transparency throughout the audio band.
Jamo chose the Studio7 range’s colours from the chromatic palette of Scandinavian landscapes. Norwegian fjords inspire the dark blue, while the grey finish channels the hue of fog hanging over a Finnish forest. Studio7’s signature Blue Fjord brings an emotional touch to your interior, whilst Grey Cloud integrates seamlessly into the modern home.

The New Jamo Studio7 Series Comprises Six Models

Two sizes of floor-standing speakers (S7-27F, S7-25F)

Two types of bookshelf speakers (S7-17B, S7-15B)

Two centre channel speakers (S7-25C, S7-43C)

Jamo Studio7 UK / Euro prices

Jamo S7-25C: £299.00 / €299.00

Jamo S7-43C: £329.00 / €329.00

Jamo S7-17B: £549.00 / €549.00

Jamo S7-15B: £449.00 / €449.00

Jamo S7-25F: £799.00 / €799.00

Jamo S7-27F: £949.00 / €949.00

Home Cinema Sets (HCS)

Jamo S7-17HCS: £1,299.00

Jamo S7-25HCS: £1,499.00

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