Russound has unveiled the MCA-66i and MCA-88i controllers, which aim to bring digital amplification and connectivity to the multi-room audio environment.

Offering three digital inputs, Bluetooth streaming, updated IR codes for control of any source and the ability to expand to six linked controllers, The Multi-Room Company believes that these controllers will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding installation.

The company claims that the MCA-88i is a ‘high-fidelity, high power’ amplifier, which enables users to listen to any of eight sources in eight independent zones.

It features eight analogue inputs, three digital, one paging and the ability to connect one Bluetooth device at any one time. There are also eight fixed of variable outputs for expanding, integrating and upgrading zones.

While the MCA-88i has been designed to be used in a wide range of installations, Russound has introduced the MCA-66i specifically for compact installations.

Equipped with six sources feeding up to six zone, the MCA-66i is designed for both large and small installations.

For larger installations both the MCA-66i and MCA-88i can be expanded by cascading up to six controllers in sequence, up to a maximum of 48 zones for the MCA-88i or 36 zones for the MCA-66i.

There are two fixed or variable outputs for the expansion, integration and upgrading of zones on the MCA-66i, like its bigger sibling, while both can be controlled using Russound keypads, the TS3 touchscreen, or the ‘My Russound’ App for iOS and Android.

Utilising the newest processors available, Russound promises a faster response time with these two new controllers.

Bluetooth isn’t the only wireless streaming option either, with both having the ability to connect to a Russound DMS 3.1 Digital Media Streamer, which will give users access to popular streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer.

Russound DMS3.1 Digital Media Streamer will also enable Apple AirPlay and internet radio.

To celebrate the launch of the new range, the company is introducing the ‘Russound Certified Installer’ programme.

Both of the new additions to the MCA range will ship locked, requiring a certified Russound installation professional to unlock them via the internet in order to become functional.

The company says that it’s doing this to drastically reduce unauthorized online or grey import sales of Russound products.

“Russound has done it again with the MCA-66i and MCA-88i, just like they did previously with the MCA-C3 and C5 products,” says Mike Bonnette, product director at The Multi-Room Company.

“These new products represent the latest and finest evolution to a multizone controller line that integrates every innovation and technology driving whole-house audio now and in the foreseeable future.

“Our customers are going to love the MCA-66i and MCA-88i for the expandability and installation ease and these products embody a truly comprehensive line, to which installers can confidently commit their resources and present to their clients.”

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