Before the new Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Roku was one of the dominant names in the set-top box market.

The company wants it to stay that way too, as it is reportedly preparing a hardware refresh that will match Amazon’s Fire TV with 4K playback.

Unlike the new Apple TV, both the Amazon Fire TV and this rumoured Roku refresh will be able to play 4K content from online streaming services.

While Amazon has its own streaming service to lean on for 4K content, Roku will reportedly use third party services, such as CinemaNow.

CinemaNow accidentally let slip that Roku was planning new hardware by launching a promotion for free HD rentals for everyone buying a new Roku 4.

Of course, no Roku 4 exists, leading some to believe that new hardware is on the way.

There’s no guarantee it will be called the Roku 4 however, as a recent FCC filing in the United States suggests the company is planning two devices; a Roku 2 and Roku 3.

If there was any more evidence needed to suggest Roku is planning new hardware, then the discovery of a ‘4K Showcase’ channel on the platform’s App store clearly proves the company is exploring 4K content.

Roku’s FCC filings only went through this morning, meaning it could be a while until we hear something official from the company.

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