Control4 Corporation has announced that Panasonic is launching two 4K Ultra HD TVs incorporating Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) technology. The software has been optimised to simplify integration with Control4 automation systems.

With the new 4K Ultra HD Series TVs, Panasonic joins over 100 manufacturers including Bose, Denon, DISH Network, Harmon, Integra, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony, TiVo, Toshiba and Yamaha – which are including Control4’s SDDP technology within their products.

With an SDDP-enabled device, a Control4 home automation system automatically finds, identifies, authenticates, adds and connects the device nearly instantaneously during the initial installation – reducing the complexity and configuration time for installers as well as reducing potential incompatibility with other devices within consumers’ homes.

Control4 incorporates numerous network-aware household devices into a smart and connected home experience for family rooms, home theaters, multi-room audio and video steaming, as well as whole-home intelligent lighting, climate control and security system orchestration.

“At Control4, we openly share our SDDP technology with device manufacturers because we want consumers to have the most choice,” explains Control4 chairman and CEO Martin Plaehn.

“We’re dedicated to always supporting the latest technology, like Panasonic’s brand new 4K Ultra HD series TVs and allow them to all work together for a fully automated smart home experience that no individual smart device can provide. Today, more than 500 individual product families created by over a hundred trusted brands are shipping fully automation-ready products via SDDP.”

Control4 has added over 20 new SDDP partners since September 2014. In addition to Panasonic, these new licensing partners include Bluesound, Rachio and Denon’s HEOS, as well as manufacturers of security locks, lighting devices and audio/video switches.

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