The cornerstone of the MT32 – or midrange-tweeter – range is the DOM37 tweeter. It is fitted with a one-piece diaphragm/surround unit of 0.1g, which was originally developed for the TC23 three-way coaxial driver used in the manufacturer’s flagship La Sphere and L’Ocean models.

The lightness, thermal and mechanical resistance of this unit has been optimised to improve the overall performance of the driver and is said to guarantee consistent reproduction over time.

When developing the new range, company engineers revisited the performance of the reflex ports, particularly in the floorstanding model. Borrowing technology originally developed for the significantly more expensive Altura MC range, the Jersey speaker features a vertical port which is downward firing with a 360° dispersion pattern. This approach enables the port noise to be filtered and the standing waves within the cabinet are damped, resulting in low frequency reproduction.

“Be it the radio, internet, high definition networked audio files or multichannel tracks on the home cinema, all formats have been taken into account, in order to offer musicality, precision and realism,” explains international sales and marketing director, Christophe Cabasse.

Finely adjusted HDSE crossovers were developed for MT32, which guarantee conformity to the Cabasse SCS principles. The MT32 range is also now available in a choice of walnut and ebony.

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