Audinate is now rolling out an additional online certification course for installers. Following the launch of the Level 1 online Dante Certification launched last year, a Level 2 Dante Certification is now available.

Over 5,000 people have already received the Level 1 Dante Certification, which covered the basic principles of audio networking and Dante. The new certification is an online alternative to the existing half-day training course, which includes a knowledge test and a hands-on skills test.

Audinate made the decision to move the course to an online environment given it’s not always possible for installers to carve time out of their day to attend live sessions. Despite the move, the Level 2 course includes an interactive simulator for the hands-on skills test, meaning installers will see get the same level of knowledge.

The Level 2 Certification course is an intermediate to advanced level course that prepares AV personnel to design larger Dante network systems, and provides training on audio networking concepts such as clocking, unicast and multicast, latency, and redundancy. This course contains 10 instructional videos, a knowledge test and the simulated skills test. The Level 2 certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete all modules, and pass both tests.

“We have been thrilled with the level of interest in the Dante Certification program since it was first introduced last year,” notes Joshua Rush, vice president of marketing and product at Audinate.

“We are excited to announce that the Level 2 certification course is now available online so that consultants, integrators and customers can now get certified whenever they want, and wherever they are located.”

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