Faradite’s new engraving service takes the ergonomic, attractive and intuitive family of TAP-5 switches to a new level of personalisation letting installers create custom control interfaces for every project.

Showcased for the first time at the recent EI Live! Show, the new custom engraved TAP-5 switches received a very positive response, offering a whole range of attractive ways to personalise these popular control interfaces, so each client can have something that is unique to them and suits what they wish to control, in the way they wish to control it.

Faradite says it wants to provide products that installers simply cannot get anywhere else, enabling them to deliver something personal and unique to the end-user.

The engraving service is available on the Faradite TAP-5 range of switches, which already offer attractive contemporary control points compatible with 24V home automation systems. The TAP-5 delivers five points of interaction that can be configured to control a home’s lights, blinds, music and heating all from one place.

With the amount of functionality available from the TAP-5, labelling each point of control helps people remember exactly what is controlled by which action on the switch. Great for regular users who need a reminder, but also great for guests who will instantly know what function they are controlling just by looking at the switch.

The company argues that smart homes need to be ‘smart’ in lots of ways and clear labelling and intuitive access to the functions people want, is a really good place to start and avoids people being overwhelmed or put off by complex interfaces.

Carefully Considered Design 

The Faradite TAP-5 switches are designed to be aesthetically pleasing; elegant and ergonomic, so it was essential the new engraving service did not impact on that.

The customisation available does not detract from the TAP-5 aesthetic whilst adding the extra customisation. So, the idea is the user gets the best of both worlds; something attractive that complements the look of the home, but also adds an extra level of personalisation. 

As an engineering company, Faradite likes to be nimble in its approach and listen to what customers have to say.

Faradite noted that many installers buying the TAP-5 switches said it would be a good option to be able to label the different functions.

So, much like with their recently released black Motion Sensor 360 (developed specifically for the home cinema market after feedback from customers), the development of this service has come, partly from the company’s own desire to innovate and improve, but also due to direct customer feedback.

The engraving service is available on the Brushed Copper and Stainless Steel TAP-5 switches (custom engraving is not available on the Matt White version).

The TAP-5 switches fit UK backboxes, however like all other Faradite TAP switches, they are also available for EU boxes as well. 

This new service is available now, so get in contact with Faradite to find out how the easy to order on-line service works.

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