Faradite says that is prides itself on being at the very forefront of technology, not just in products, but in everything the company does. Recently, Faradite has been updating its online store to improve the aesthetic, the buying process and how the technical information is presented to visitors.

Faradite’s latest update includes an exciting, brand new feature which allows users to view 3D models of the Motion Sensor 360 products and, when using the latest Android and Apple mobile devices, use the augmented reality feature to see and explore the 3D model in augmented reality.

The augmented reality function uses your device camera to show your environment and adds a 3D model of the product to a nearby surface so you can virtually interact with it.

Viewing the 3D models

The 3D model can be viewed on your device and allows users to rotate the device by dragging their finger over the model to move and turn the virtual model. This allows you to take a far more detailed look at the product and get familiar with the connections and the dimensions of our very small sensors.

Seeing the 3D model is simple, head to the Faradite website, navigate to shop from the menu and select the Motion Sensor 360 collection. Here you can select from any of the Motion Sensor 360 products.

Once on the product page, you can select the thumbnail of the 3D image to open the 3D viewer and then using your finger drag the 3D model around to adjust the view (note this 3D functionality is only currently for the Motion Sensor 360 collection).

Using Augmented Reality Feature

You will also see (on certain devices) at the bottom of the product image the option to ‘View in your space’. Now this is where things get really exciting, says the company.

This augmented reality feature utilises your device camera and it’s inertial measurement sensors to place a virtual Faradite product in your environment.

It lets users dynamically view the product in 3D by moving their device around in any direction. This allows users to see the scale of the product by placing it alongside physical items.

This new feature means that users can see detailed, 3D models of Faradite products from the comfort of their own home or office and see first-hand exactly how small the devices are.

It also means integrators can continue to demo Faradite products quickly, and easily in a world that is still practicing social distancing and may be for the foreseeable future.

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