Experience Meridian At ISE 2020

Meridian Audio at ISE will be working alongside its partners to showcase and demonstrate the latest innovations in High Resolution audio.

Meridian has teamed up with Barco Residential to provide high performance audio solutions in Room E-107. Upon entering the room, visitors will be able to enjoy the Architectural Integration Zone. Split into two areas — the reception and the living room — Meridian products will be on display throughout.

The reception area will include two DSP640.2 loudspeakers, which feature eight power amplifiers delivering 100w per drive unit and L + R mode for the ultimate, high-power soundbar applications, as well as a 210 Streamer and 218 Zone Controller.

The Living Room will showcase two Meridian DSP5200SE loudspeakers in matte black, which the maker says deliver ultimate high-resolution performance in a compact design. This statement piece will also be teamed up with a 218 Zone Controller.

Meridian Audio DSP8000

Barco Reference Theatre

The standout zone of the Barco room will be the 9.4 Reference Theatre that will feature the very latest Meridian loudspeakers and subwoofers — the DSP750 and the DSW.2.

As the brand’s highest performing architectural loudspeaker yet, the DSP750 in-wall digital active loudspeaker has been created to demonstrate complete audio immersion, providing exquisite power and bass for the ultimate listening experience.

The nine loudspeakers will be partnered with four DSW.2 active subwoofers. With a long throw 12in downward firing woofer, the DSW.2’s aim is to create deep, tight, room filling bass.

The room will also feature Meridian’s Reference 861v8 processor with Meridian Room Correction. With a full 96/24 signal path all the way through the chain, the 861v8 is perfectly designed to maximise the resolution of UHD content.

The hi-res audio from the Kaleidescape UHD movie server will be first re-clocked by the Meridian UHD722, then up-sampled to 96/24 resolution before being transmitted to the 861v8 via Meridian’s proprietary zero-jitter Meridian High Resolution MHR link. The UHD video is sent on to the Barco Residential Bragi via the UHD722’s 18.2Gbps HDMI output.


In January 2019, Meridian announced a new partnership with AV EMEA, a full-service representation company in the industry. At ISE 2020, Meridian will be working alongside AV EMEA, with a range of products displayed on stand 1-Q115.

As well as showcasing the new DSP750 in-wall Digital Active Loudspeakers, the AV EMEA stand will feature a pair of blue DSP5200SE Digital Active Loudspeakers that stand only under a metre high but deliver an exceptional performance that produces simply stunning bass.

The full 200 series will also be on show, including the 271 Digital Theatre Controller for integrating DSP technology seamlessly into a theatre that doesn’t have access to the authentic sound of Meridian, the 251 Powered Zone Controller for comfortably driving a pair of standard speakers with Meridian’s trademark fidelity, and the 258 Eight Channel Power Amplifier for bringing Meridian high-resolution sound quality to every zone.

The 200 series also features the 218 Zone Controller and the 210 Streamer, which can also be found at the AV EMEA stand and the Barco Architectural Integration Zone.

Meridian Audio 210

Life is good

Meridian Audio at ISE will also feature a strong partnership continuing into 2020, as the company is featured on the LG Electronics (LG) booth (12-K90) with the flagship Special Edition DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeaker. The floor-standing DSP8000SE is a strong solution for any cinematic or musical experience and able to deal with most sizes of room. Containing integral DACs, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, and built-in high efficiency digital crossovers, Meridian says this innovation produces incomparable, breathtaking sound.


As part of the CEDIA Training programme at ISE 2020, Meridian’s Education Manager, Hugo Fitzjohn, will be hosting a session entitled Stop Selling Products, Make More Profit! Taking place on Thursday 13th February from 14:00 – 15:30, attendees will discover how to leverage emotional engagement when selling systems to clients. Whether it be lighting, control, network, multi-room audio, cinema, or any combination of these, it’s often easy to focus on the specification sheets and equipment lists required for a project.

Meridian argues that the reality is that most clients don’t understand what each line item means other than less money in their wallet, thus eroding any sense of value.

To find out more information and to book a place on this education session, visit https://www.iseurope.org/cedia-training-sessions/.

To experience Meridian Audio at ISE visit the Barco room E-107, AV EMEA stand 1-Q115, and the LG Booth 12-K90 at ISE 2020

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