Barco Residential scooped the award for Projector of The Year at the recent Smart Building Awards, which were held at the end of the first day of EI Live! 2017.

The projector boasts a native Cinemascope Optical Engine, custom designed by Barco using all glass aspherical optics and aluminium casework. Custom software enables a film created and transmitted in 2:20-2:35-2.37or 2.40:1 formats to be up-scaled to utilise all 11 million pixels on screen and for 16×9 images to be displayed between black bars at full 4K UHD resolution.

Balder Cinemascope negates the need for an Anamorphic lens (which destroy ANSI contrast and creating a loss of uniformity and an increase in chromatic aberration), or for installers to utilise lens memory and overshoot (creating a less than desirable user experience and a 30% loss of light output in 2.37:1).

Barco Residential’s Balder Cinemascope “We are delighted to receive this industry recognition for the innovation and significant investment that we have made in our Residential products,” said Hamish Neale, business development manager, EMEA, Barco High End Residential.

“Balder Cinemascope fuses together the world’s finest optical components with the imaging device technology chosen by eight out of 10 professional cinemas, DLP, our unique Pulse electronics platform and in-house designed laser engine. It is the cornerstone of a home cinema system designed to deliver the most outstanding of experiences in the world’s finest homes and yachts.”

Balder Cinemascope’s key features include Native Cinemascope, a laser light source (delivering up to 60K hours of lifetime), HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2, HDR10, DCI notch filters  (motorised), seven lens options including an ultra-short 0.30:1, Pulse low latency electronics featuring Barco’s unique single step processing and scaling, Json communications and easy to use installation software.

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