Designed, Manufactured and Engineered in France

Based in Saint-Étienne, in the French Loire region, the quality of products ‘Made in France’ is something Focal feels very strongly about. All ranges are conceived and developed across two complementary production sites. The best of Focal’s acoustic technologies have won the hearts of audiophiles all over the world, with benchmark products that have left their mark on the world of high-fidelity. Here is a just a snapshot into the exclusive technologies featured in Focal products.

Beryllium Tweeter

In 2002, Focal launched the pure beryllium tweeter after two years of research. Focal uses this precious metal in its pure form that is seven times more rigid than titanium or aluminium for the same mass. When associated with the inverted dome concept, the frequency response can be increased to 40kHz, and more than 5 octaves can be spanned. Beryllium is ten times more expensive than gold, making it a material destined for the very high-end.

IHL - Infinite Horn Loading Tweeter

In order for the beryllium tweeter to achieve its full potential, an enclosure with a near infinite volume would be required. The IHL system is open at the back and filled with a damping material. The rear sound wave from the tweeter is gradually absorbed so that no resistance alters the movement of the dome. The result is a fully immersive soundstage with exceptional attention to the mid to high end frequencies… accentuating the crispest treble notes.

Flax Cone

In 2013, Focal presented its F sandwich cones made with flax fibres. The Research & Development team chose flax for its constant innovation strategy. This ecological textile was an innovative new solution for the sandwich cone. Mainly cultivated in France, flax possesses three essential qualities for cones. It has to be light to provide fast acceleration, rigid, and have good damping properties to avoid colouration of the sound.

Neutral Inductance Circuit (NIC)

In order to push the limits of sound reproduction, engineers at Focal chose to focus on increasing control of the magnetic field. Its stability determines the sound’s precision and detail. The solution, NIC technology, consists of a Faraday ring whose dimensions, materials and positioning have been optimised so that the magnetic field is no longer affected by the position of the voice coil, by the amperage or by the frequency of the current passing through it.

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Specialists in Custom Installation

2018 sees the launch of two new important built-in speaker ranges from Focal, with the introduction of the all new entry-level 100 Series and additional products added to the mid-priced 300 Series.

With both series offering a wide array of in-wall/in-ceiling models, stereo, AV and ambient music applications are catered for, with each model conforming faithfully to Focal’s signature sound.

Integration has become an important area of development for Focal, and is steadily gaining amplitude in its overall loudspeaker range. This is a natural expansion into a market where all Focal’s brand values are totally legitimate. Thanks to the acoustic qualities of both ranges, the integration line is aimed mainly at the home audio market, thanks to the discreet and compact design. Each speaker driver combines Focal technologies and acoustic expertise to offer very high levels of performance at competitive prices.

The new Integration line evolves around three key notions in order to meet every need and expectation through a small range of products: suitable for every room in the house, rooms of different sizes and for multiple uses.

Award Winning Products

Focal products have won awards from across the industry from Hi-Fi World and Hi-Fi Choice to T3 and What Hi-Fi. The feedback speaks for itself and continues to position Focal as a leader in premium consumer audio.

Vervent Audio Group

In 2011, Focal joined forces with the heritage Hi-Fi leader Naim Audio. Together, Focal and Naim have created an industry leading force, bringing together the best and brightest European minds - in Naim, they found a partner that shares a passion for music and the very best quality. Vervent Audio Group own and manage both Focal and Naim as independent brands, retaining all their unique characteristics, engineering heritage, product ranges and philosophies.

The Research & Development teams of Focal and Naim are central to the success of both brands. By bringing together the hugely talented individuals in these teams, Focal and Naim created an industry leading R&D capability to propel the brands to the next level of innovative, high quality sound classics in the dynamic new world of Hi-Fi technology.