Chord Company Epic HDMI AOC 2.1 8K (48 Gbps) 1m worth £500!

Since 1985, Wiltshire’s Chord Company has been designing, hand-building and refining its class-leading A/V cables from its dedicated headquarters just outside historic Stonehenge. The company believes that cables are not, and never have been, just an accessory, and are a vital part of any system. Choosing the right cable (in the digital age) is more important today than it has ever been. 

Chord Company is staffed by a dedicated team of music fans, music makers, movie-lovers and gamers and has become internationally renowned for creating high-performance, value-for-money AV cables, from super-reliable install cables to audiophile exotica, designed to suit any level of system or budget. 

In recent years, the company has introduced a number of highly advanced, lifetime-warranty HDMI cables offering up to 8K playback, 48 Gbps transfer rates and advanced chipsets (up to HDMI 2.1), following a multi-year R&D project at the factory. 

Chord Company HDMI cables bring numerous performance benefits to a wide range of A/V applications and include the company’s trademark advanced shielding and legendary handmade quality. The models, which include copper, optical and hybrid designs, distil 35+ years of British cable design and manufacturing into a range of unrivalled solutions for music, movie, TV and gaming fans with the proven advantages of Chord Company build quality. 

The cables’ quality, reliability and future-resistant specification make them ideal for installations, where frequent cable-swapping is neither desirable or practical. See the full range of AV and install cables at

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