Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen has announced that its 4×1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher (EXT-DVIK-MV-41) has begun shipping to consumers.

Offering a ‘next generation’ solution in KVM switching, Gefen has designed the 4×1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher for controlling four computers from a dual display workstation.

The operator can observe data from up to four computers on one display, while a second display can be switched to display any image that needs closer attention. 

Gefen has included a ‘unique’ cascading ability, which allows a system expansion of up to eight switchers accessing up to 32 computers, providing comprehensive control from a single keyboard and mouse.

Two front panel USB and bi-directional audio ports (for microphone and headphones/speakers) can be independently routed from any of the computers.

Preset and customisable window configurations are readily available, including single screen, split screen, picture-in-picture and four windows on the same display.

Both video outputs can be scaled and positioned which Gefen says will provide the ‘most precise alignment of video on the displays’.

Gefen’s 4×1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher supports high-resolution video, expands the availability of multiview windows and provides routing for ‘seamless’ connectivity. 

It has been designed to provide installers ‘plenty of options’ for accessing different computer sources from a single workstation.

Control features include front panel buttons, keyboard/mouse control and RS-232.

High resolution video up to 1920×1200 or 1080p full HD is supported with HDCP compliance.

The product can be placed on a shelf or mounted in a standard 19-inch rack and is field firmware upgradable using the Gefen Syner-G software suite.

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