ZeeVee has announced a brand-new addition to its ZyPer IP based distribution platform, with the company officially unveiling the new ZyPerUHD. This means the company now offers both compressed and uncompressed options for delivering 4K over a standard Ethernet switch.

The new ZyperUHD encoders and decoders promise ultra-low latency (less than two frames), compressed video up to Ultra-HD/4K resolution using an off-the-shelf 1Gb Ethernet switch. This makes it possible for businesses to deploy UHD throughout their facility and even interconnect campuses while leveraging their existing IP infrastructure. ZeeVee is the first company to offer a full line of AV over IP and AV over RF solutions.

ZyPerUHD is capable of supporting HDR. It can address video walls up to 5×5 and is HDCP 2.2 compliant. It is compatible with ZeeVee’s MaestroZ Management Platform making configuration simple. The management platform allows for ZyPerUHD to network to a nearly unlimited number of sources and displays and offers an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) which allows for switching sources, and creating video walls. The ZyPerUHD follows ZeeVee’s core belief that software applications driven over standards based Ethernet networks are the future of AV distribution, and offer far more capability and flexibility than proprietary and matrix switched hardware.

“Our IP portfolio provides Pro AV and network integrators with a full range of products that best fit their customers’ requirements allowing for greater flexibility and scalability,” states Joe Chordas, vice president sales, ZeeVee Inc. “We have been quick to respond to customers’ requests and have already begun to ship early units of ZyPerUHD to European customers, who have provided very positive feedback.”

The ZyPerUHD features HDMI input with HDMI loop-out and balanced audio input/output ports for managing audio. USB connectivity is provided for integration with touch panels and KVM. Source and display control is facilitated through RS232, IR and USB ports.

With the expansion of ZeeVee’s IP offering, the ZyPer product suite can support almost every video distribution requirement – from compressed HD with ZyPerHD; compressed 4K with ZyPerUHD; and uncompressed, zero-latency UHD/4K video with ZyPer4K.

ZeeVee is now accepting preorders for ZyPerUHD, which will begin shipping this month.

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