Visitors to London’s second busiest airport will be transported to China with a new interactive audio installation made possible through Bose speakers.

Delta Sound has installed Bose FreeSpace DS100SEs along the length of the 194m Gatwick Skybridge linking Pier 6 to the airport’s North Terminal, giving passengers a taste of the sounds of the Yangtze river.

The installation features over 100 hours of authentic sounds taken directly from 35 locations on the Yangtze and complemented by a wall of colourful imagery showcasing the wildlife, nature and people who call the river home. 

Called ‘A Living River’, the installation celebrates the work of HSBC’s ‘Water Programme’ and 15-year partnership with WWF. It was created by J Walter Thompson London, working with creative sound designer, Nick Ryan & technical sound designer Davey Williamson. 

The sounds ebb and flow across the Skybridge, transmitted by 160 speakers through 80 channels of audio programmed by Davey with Merging Technologies’ Ovation Audio Server and Sequencer, to immerse travellers in 3D sound during the journey to and from their planes. 

Just like along the river, the sounds react to the time of day, the weather on the Yangtze and even the movements of the travellers, using motion sensors.  It is designed to give a unique journey, no matter how many times passengers travel along the Skybridge.

Delta Sound installed over 60,000m of speaker cable – the length of 584 football pitches – during the month long build-up period, working overnight whilst the Skybridge was devoid of passengers. 

The speakers were selected by Delta Sound’s Davey Williamson, following months of research, testing and client presentations and were chosen for their clarity, depth of sound and overall performance on the Skybridge.

Davey Williamson notes: “Audio was always the essential element in this installation and it was crucial that we made an impact and delivered sounds that were as close to reality as possible.  I worked closely with Nick Ryan, the creative sound designer involved in this unique installation, and made him aware of the speakers that I felt were the right ones for the job. 

“The Bose DS100s stood out, as you can pick up every nuance of sound, whether it be a raindrop landing on a tin roof, or the whoosh of a bird’s wings as it takes flight. The speakers also look exceptional in white, ranged at 3m intervals along the length of the bridge and drawing attention to the audio without detracting from the experience.”

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