There’s no denying that the huddle room is the fastest-growing component of any modern office, and that’s something Yamaha is keenly aware of. Having purchased Revolabs in 2014, Yamaha is now releasing the first solution that combines the expertise of both companies – a huddle room solution dubbed the CS-700.

It’s clear to see where Yamaha’s expertise came from, as the audio manufacturer has designed the CS-700 to look exactly like a soundbar. That’s not entirely by mistake either, as Yamaha says this is the first huddle room solution of its kind to bring together comprehensive audio, video and collaboration capabilities in a wall-mounted system.

“The Yamaha CS-700 is the first of many solutions that combine the market expertise of Revolabs with the product expertise of Yamaha to deliver excellent audio, video, and collaboration capabilities,” notes Yoshi Tsugawa, director, Yamaha Commercial Audio Department.

“The CS-700 is the first product in this initiative to demonstrate Yamaha’s commitment to the business collaboration market and improving the meeting experience at every level.”

Revolabs technology has been utilised in the Yamaha CS-700, as the device boasts a beamforming microphone array. The huddle room system is also equipped with four speaker elements to ensure it can efficiently receive and output audio. A high-resolution camera is also present for a completely all-in-one meeting room solution.

A single USB connection is all that’s needed to get up and running with the CS-700. Through that USB users have the ability to connect to an organisation’s communications platform of choice. That includes the likes of Skype for Business, Cisco Spark, GoToConference, Google Chromebox for Meetings, Vidyo, WebEx, Zoom, BlueJeans and the countless other platforms currently on the market.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced for the CS-700, meaning installers won’t be able to get their hands on it just yet. Despite that, those who want to try it out before they specify it will be able to see it at the Revolabs stand at Enterprise Connect Orland 2017.

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