Yamaha is set to have a bigger presence at the Restaurant Show 2018, which takes place October 1 – 3, with the firm set to hold a key presentation titled Sound Investment: The Business of Background Music.

While exhibiting at last year’s Restaurant Show, it became clear to Yamaha Commercial Audio that there was great demand for more knowledge about background audio systems. Not only what is available, but how audio technology can be harnessed to deliver an enhanced experience for both customer and host.

Yamaha’s presence at the show this year has grown to include Sound Investment: The Business Of Background Music, a debate and ‘thought provoker’ about best practise in background audio. Speakers include respected food and hospitality journalist Tony Naylor, alongside Peter Kellet, owner of Viba Sound, who has many years of experience in installing audio systems throughout the hospitality industry. Yamaha specialists John Perry and Karl Christmas complete the panel.

“We have all been in a bar, restaurant or hotel and experienced poor quality or poorly chosen background audio,” says Karl. “Both these factors and the distribution of sound have a huge effect on a customer’s perception of their experience. Bad sound can often mean bad reviews.

“However, a lot of sound is experienced subconsciously, so it only becomes noticeable when it is unpleasant. People generally only comment on sound when it is bad so, while restauranteurs and venue owners are aware that background audio is desirable, they are often unaware of the major benefits that high quality, well-distributed audio brings to the customer experience.”

Yamaha is exhibiting on Stand UE61 at The Restaurant Show 2018. Sound Investment: The Business Of Background Music takes place on October 2 from 1.10-1.50pm at The Stage.

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