The X Factor Live Tour is once again being produced with the help of XL Video.

XL Video supplied ROE MC-7T and MC-18T Hybrid LED screens in XL’s custom touring frames, cameras/PPU, Catalyst media server playback, a large Barco Mi-Strip scenic feature, projection and a crew.

The Hybrid MC-18T screen has been used on several XL tours recently, including for Ellie Goulding and the Kings of Leon.

XL Video used a standard medium 18mm pitch comprising 32 x 32 pixels per panel, with 4 x 4 higher brightness (7,700 nit) low resolution pixels also embedded in the same panel.

Adjustments were also made with the X Factor Live’s screen format, with a centre screen of high definition ROE Visual MC-75, measuring 6.6m high by 6m wide, flanked by two surfaces of MC-18T, measuring 5.6m wide by 3.6m high.

More sections of MC-18 were added on the stage floor behind a set of Perspex stairs and cladding the fronts of the upper level set risers.

To facilitate this, XL had a new 300 x 600 mm ‘half tile’ of MC18 manufactured.

Various trussing and lighting elements framed the onstage LED screens, and two side projection screens were also supplied for the IMAG mix, fed by a pair of front projecting Barco FLM R22 machines.

A four camera PPU consisting of XL’s standard Sony HXC-100 HD cameras – two at FOH with long lenses and two in the pit, one fitted with an RF head for also capturing the action on the B stage out in the audience.

This fed directly out to the two side screens, with one TX feed routed to the Catalyst media server so sections of footage could also be output onto the onstage LED screens.

The fan shaped Barco MiStrip ceiling has been an X Factor Live set feature for the last few tours becoming a signature look, so this was retained again for visual continuity. It is made up from 180 x MiStrip video battens arranged in 39 fingers, also fed with Catalyst material.

Crew Chief was Al Bolland, who worked alongside an experienced team including Duncan Stinson (cameras and LED), Mark Eisen (cameras & projection), Engineer Sparky, cameraman Roger Nelson and the aforementioned Connor Canwell.

Speaking of the project, Macca said: “It was great to work with Beth and the Production North team again this year and with such a strong line-up. The production values and the tour again raised the bar, and carefully blended the essence of a leading TV broadcast with a highly entertaining live spectacle … retaining all the excitement and energy of both disciplines”.

The 2015 X Factor Live Tour finished in London on March 20, with the show having previously toured arenas across the UK. The show is expected to return next year.

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