Already well known for its traditional HDMI switching and HDBaseT solutions for HD video distribution, WyreStorm has recently added HD-over-IP technology to its arsenal.

At ISE 2014, the company debuted its NetworkHD line, which is “as scalable as your IP network,” says WyreStorm’s James Meredith.

While WyreStorm certainly is not the first to market with such a solution, Meredith says dealers will find its solution easier to configure than competitive products.

“Our system is more focused on how quickly and how easily it can be configured,” he tells CE Pro, citing the products’ auto-discovery capabilities via the Bonjour network protocol.

The solution also benefits from WyreStorm’s new control system, Enado, which eliminates the need for pricey third-party controllers for implementing complete multiroom A/V systems.

The Enado controller employs a Web server-based platform ensuring “you’re always on the right version of a project,” Meredith notes.

He adds that Enado will enable dealers to mix and match switching technologies – for example HDBaseT and IP—within a single framework.

While various off-the-shelf routers and switches will work with NetworkHD, WyreStorm will be recommending network devices that it tests in house, starting with Cisco.

NetworkHD supports USB over IP for KVM control, 7.1 audio, and RS-232 and IR pass-through.

Check out the brief ISE 2014 video for additional NetworkHD features.

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