WyreStorm is using InfoComm 2018 to unveil its expanded presentation switcher offering, with three new products designed for the small meeting room and huddle space applications and touchscreen control compatible with all its presentation switcher models.

The new EX-SW-0301-H2 features a transmitter designed to mount under a table and a receiver behind screens, with VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort offering connectivity and flexibility.

Receiver and transmitter are connected via HDBaseT, with the receiver featuring CEC, RS232 and IR, with relays that can all be set to engage based on transmitter auto-switching. Users connect a cable to turn the system on, and when everyone disconnects, the system turns off. The receiver also has its own HDMI input for organisations to maximise the use of their displays for digital signage or TV content when no presentations are taking place.


Building a platform


The new EX-SW-0401-H2-PRO builds on the design of the EX-SW-0301-H2 by adding not just a USB-C input, but full USB support to enable connection of multiple USB devices, with all able to be routed with the video switch.

Everyone knows the pain of trying to skype someone into a meeting if the room is not built for video conferencing.

The 0401 was designed for spaces that need more than presentation functionality, but not a complete video conferencing system, by making the addition of remote meeting participants or web conference creation a seamless and productive experience.

Connection of a USB camera, mic and speaker to the transmitter or receiver transforms the 0401 from a huddle room to a complete collaboration solution, with video connection via USB or USB-C for complete support with a single cable.

When a presenter starts Skype or any collaboration software on their computer, their external USB camera, mic and speaker become the camera, mic and speaker for the call, allowing everyone in the room to effortlessly see and be seen and hear and be heard without needing to crowd around a laptop, camera or mic.

The design of the 0401 turns a huddle room into a collaboration space instantly, and at a price every business can afford, says the maker.

With the corporate sector embracing the huge cost scalability and functionality benefits of an AV over IP distribution, the new NHD-400-TX-WP 2-Gang wall plate offers connectivity for WyreStorm NetworkHD 400 Series installations in meeting and huddle applications, supporting 4K distribution over a 1GbE network.

Whether using the new in-wall or standalone 400 Series Encoder, latency of less than a single frame makes it a strong option for use in direct view applications.

Simply placing a 400 Series Decoder behind a display delivers AVoIP to huddle rooms and classrooms all without the need for an expensive AV switcher taking up space in a meeting room, or indeed a cabinet to hide it. With the WyreStorm NetworkHD 400 Series, the video becomes part of the IT network.

WyreStorm is also introducing its first ever touchscreen, the TS-280.  This compact touchscreen is available as EU model or US 2-Gang model and is compatible with all models in WyreStorm’s presentation switcher line to add just a little extra control and flexibility when needed.

For applications calling more control options than an automated presentation switcher can give, but where the cost of a complete control system is out of reach, the TS-280 offers a solution by leveraging RS232 ports on presentation switchers, which can be configured to control just the functions a user wants on each system.

WyreStorm is at InfoComm on Booth N1564.

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