WyreStorm has launched the NetworkHD TouchApp for iPad control of NetworkHD 100/200 Series AV Over IP Systems.

Following on from ISE 2016 and InfoComm 2016, which culminated in winning the Commercial Integration 2016 award for Best Video Distribution System, WyreStorm has launched its promised NetworkHD Touch iPad control App for NetworkHD 100 and 200-Series single screen and video wall AV over IP systems.

Available free from the App Store now, Touch puts control of an entire NetworkHD system at a user’s fingertips with live video preview of all sources and displays, drag-and-drop selection of content onto each display for easy switching of any number of sources to any number of displays or video walls.

WyreStorm NetworkHD product manager, James Meredith, says the inspiration for Touch came from installers and clients: “The first-hand feedback we received from hospitality and retail projects suggested that although installers loved how NetworkHD integrated with third party control systems, hospitality and retail clients noticed the control systems themselves were not being used properly by their staff.

“This was largely due to staff difficulty fully understanding what sources were showing what content and what displays they were switching content to. Consequently, the often very expensive control system wasn’t used to its full potential and the customer experience suffered as a result.”

The maker’s solution was to create a free App that could control a complete NetworkHD system with live video previews that let the end user see what they were switching and to where in real time and instant drag and drop content selection on a consumer device they were familiar with, using gestures they already knew.

WyreStorm says that Touch is as simple to set up as it is to use with automatic configuration via downloads from the central NetworkHD system controller to ensure client/end user have access to their source content in a matter of minutes.

Displays can be grouped into rooms, areas or video walls, with users able to save favourite preset configurations and even switch all displays to a single source instantly for flexibility over how content is selected and to where a user wants it to go.

The maker says this is of particular benefit for hospitality applications such as bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as retail applications such as stores, shopping malls and showrooms.

For video wall applications, Touch makes it possible to access settings and change preset display configurations within the NetworkHD 200 Series system and then drag and drop new content onto the iPad virtual display placeholders in real-time with changes to the actual video wall happening instantaneously.

Wall layouts can be changed, saved and recalled with live video previews of all sources and selected content displayed on-screen instantly and at the same time with WyreStorm’s QuickSync for what the manufacturer says is the fastest source switching available on the market.

WyreStorm maintains that whether it’s a single screen or video walls project, switching is instantaneous and the images never freeze or go black during the transition.

Touch can also be integrated with the WyreStorm Enado control system to enable control of the source devices themselves and take advantage of Enado features, such as BYOD for the addition of control devices by just scanning the Enado QR code straight into the App for Enado control to be instantly available within the Touch App.

To coincide with the release of Touch, WyreStorm has also launched the Management Suite, a new software download application that puts all WyreStorm product configuration software under one easy-to-manage roof.

Management Suite streamlines WyreStorm product installation and system maintenance replacing the multiple software applications used to configure equipment with a just single application containing all configuration software for users to just download, install and maintain to ensure instant access to the latest WyreStorm software whenever needed.

WyreStorm Product Software included in the Management Suite

  • NetworkHD 100/200 Series, including NetworkHD Touch
  • NetworkHD IP Series
  • Maintenance Tool for NetworkHD products and ScreenLink for SW-0501-XXXX Presentation Switchers
  • Enado Discovery Tool
  • SW-0402-MV-XXXX Multi-view Switcher/scaler
  • TT-KIT-4K Test Kit Generator
  • TT-KIT-4K Test Kit Analyzer
  • WS IP Scanner ‘Smart Set GUI’ for PP model HDBaseT matrixes


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