With the DS-VW755S Peerless-AV claims to have launched the ‘world’s slimmest video wall mount’.

With a fully retracted side profile depth measuring 48mm, the DS-VW755S has been optimised to support the latest ultra-thin displays and create a discreet video wall array that is as close to the wall as possible. 

Using the quick-release functionality, users have the ability to articulate the display from the wall by gently pressing on the front of the display, making this mount particularly suitable for recessed applications.

Featuring tool-less micro adjustment at eight points, the mounts can overcome uneven walls to ensure a seamless video wall display without the need to remove the displays.

To aid in both set up and service, the mount extends the display from the wall into a negative tilt position, thereby providing convenient access to the bottom of the display. In addition, reusable custom wall plate spacers eliminate the guesswork or on-site installation calculations and measurement to correctly position each mount.

The modular design enables ‘unlimited’ video wall configurations to be created with displays in supported in both landscape and portrait orientations.


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