Dubai is home to quite a number of things that claim to be the ‘world’s largest’, from the largest indoor theme park to the world’s largest shopping mall. The emirate also enjoys the world’s largest skyscraper, although for AV fans, there’s one world’s largest that is more impressive than all the others. That’s because the Dubai Aquarium has recently installed the world’s largest HD video wall, which also doubles as the world’s largest OLED display.

LG Business Solutions is obviously the manufacturer of the OLED display, with the company already committing huge resources to the technology’s production. This was definitely a unique challenge for the company, however, as a 7,600sq-ft OLED display had never been installed before.

“LG is revolutionising the way commercial space is designed and used because our pioneering slim and curved LG OLED technology is an iconic piece of art itself,” says Soon Kwon, LG’s global head of Information Displays, in an LG press release.

“Our Dubai exhibit is an example of how digital signage products add harmony to a space in addition to being an innovative solution that today’s B2B customers demand. It’s appropriate that this breakthrough screen is being shown in the largest mall in the world next to the tallest structure in the world.”

While the total surface area of the display may measure 164ft wide by 45ft tall, it’s actually made up of over 820 Open Frame LG OLED digital signage panels. That’s what allows this installation to nab the title of ‘world’s largest HD video wall’.

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