WORK PRO launches a new range of amplifiers

Equipson has expanded its WORK PRO brand with the launch of SYNTHEA – a new range of multi-purpose amplifiers that are specifically designed for AV installations.

The adaptability and flexibility of these new amplifiers makes them ideally suited to a number of different applications, particularly those where an intuitive configuration process is required.

Operating in low impedance (4-16 ohm) and high impedance (70V/100V), the SYNTHEA range offers several different channel and power output options for maximum flexibility. Fully integrated DSP controlled via TCP/IP, GPIOs and S/PDIF in/out means that signals can be mixed to any output with ease, making it very straightforward to link multiple amps in a larger installation.

SYNTHEA amplifiers also have built in WAP, which allows for web-based adjustment of audio signal parameters such as equalisation and level so that users don’t have to install any special software and can configure their system from any device.

The SYNTHEA range of audio amplifiers offers a variety configuration. There are four models available, each with unique features to cater to different needs.

SYNTHEA 2125 offers two channels with 125W of power each. It’s a versatile amplifier suitable for smaller sound systems where a clear and detailed sound is required.

In the same way, SYNTHEA 2500, also provides two channels but with a higher power output of 250W per channel.

SYNTHEA 4125 provides four channels of 125W each or two channels of 250W. This amplifier is ideal for sound systems that require multiple speakers.

Finally, the range is complete with SYNTHEA 4500, which provides four channels of 500W each or two channels of 1000W. This is the most powerful amplifier in the range and is suitable for large venues where a high volume and powerful sound are required.

Main features:

• Full Matrix DSP controlled via TCP/IP.

• WAP Connectivity for management via WiFi.

• Balanced/unbalanced analogue inputs.

• S/PDIF input/output.

• LoZ and HiZ outputs.

• GPIO configurable.

• Switch mode power supply.

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