WolfVision‘s history in the category of visualizers dates back to the mid 1960s, and since then the Austrian manufacturer has been at the forefront of this increasingly diversifying segment of the commercial audio/video industry.

The Skinny: Today WolfVision produces visualizers for the education, courtroom/legal, healthcare and corporate markets. Recently the company announced its VZ-9.4F and VZ-9.4L visualizers for the corporate category.

The Specs: The VZ-9.4F and VZ-9.4L visualizers are designed to immerse users in a presentation. The visualizers facilitate the use of multimedia content through features such as integrated WLAN connections, and audio and video provisions such as HDMI, VGA and dedicated audio connections to enable users to utilize their PCs, Macs and Linux computers without hassle.

WolfVision also points out that users can record their presentations to save the content for future use, and through the use of its vSolution Connect software, users can employ their iPads as control dashboards for fast and easy access to Excel files, websites, charts and graphs and other content.

Solutions: WolfVision’s VZ-9.4F and VZ-9.4L visualizers can be used in a variety of business environments to communicate multimedia content, including audio, video, photos, websites and data quickly and easily.

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