VuWall is now offering it’s TRx solution as a fully functional AV management system, including encoders, decoders plus its existing control software.

TRx 2.0 is VuWall’s next generation of distribution of AV signals and content over standard IP networks.

The solution has been created to combine high-quality quality streaming up to 4K resolution to drive unlimited numbers of inputs and outputs designed for presentation rooms, control rooms and complex distribution across multiple buildings.

Using VuWall’s Tx series of single stream (Tx100) or multi-stream (Tx400) encoders, the network is centralised on a VuWall TRx server before being switched to a choice of single end points or multi-stream outputs for video. End user experience is simplified by drag and drop GUI.

The maker says the system is wholly scalable and operates with third-party hardware including Matrox Maevex and AMX/SVSI networked solutions, as well as all the devices compatible with the SDVoE standard.

The TRx software platform is designed to make it easy to configure, operate and maintain the pool of encoders and decoders on a large AV network. Being compatible any Windows, Mac, OS and Linux operating system, the TRx software is pre-loaded on an appliance server which is included in the package.

Video runs at H.264 compression – allowing for high quality and low bandwidth distribution for AV over IP.



The Tx-400 is a multi-stream H.264 encoder and can capture up to four 4K streams simultaneously

  • 4x HDMI Inputs
  • Source signal Pass-through for local visioning
  • Multi stream H.264 encoding with up to 4:4:4 colour format
  • Up to 3840×2160@60p resolution


The Tx-100 is a single stream H.264 encoder which can capture a single HDMI Source

  • 1x HDMI input with one pass-through HDMI out
  • One RJ45 network connection – H.264 encoding
  • Up to 1920×1080@60p resolution




VuWall’s Rx-400 is a multi-decoder which works as an IP Video Wall processor and can display and decode multiple high-density streams and drive up to four 4K displays.

  • Multiple devices can be combined to drive larger videowalls.
  • Multiple stream H.264 Decoder
  • Multiple decoding up to 16x 1080@30p or 3x 4K@30p streams
  • One RJ45 network connection – Up to four HDMI outputs with 3840×2160@30Hz
  • Multiple device can be driven together to create big video walls


The Rx-100 is a single stream decoder and can display and decode one SD/HD streams on one output.

  • Single stream H.264 Decoder
  • 1x HDMI output
  • One RJ45 network connection
  • Up to 1920×1080@60p resolution


The solution comes with a preconfigured standard 1GBit Network switch (24/48 Port). The switch is configured to handle large numbers of streams in unicast or multicast mode. By adding multiple switches, it is easy to upgrade and with 10Gb uplink, a big network can be built with stacked units.

By definition, an AV network consists of many connected devices that need to be deployed and operated within multiple rooms, floors or buildings. The complexity of such an installation may suggest a very cumbersome experience both in the configuration, the operation and the maintenance phase. With VuWall’s TRx AV network management solution, these processes are designed to be straight-forward thanks to its ‘drag and drop’ user interface.

Paul Vander Plaeste, president of VuWall, says, “By offering this full solution, we have engineered a product that overcomes the complexities of multiple location video distribution, with flexible control and a simple, intuitive interface. It’s ideally suited to the corporate, higher education and healthcare markets, or indeed anywhere where multiple location video over IP is required. Integrators and end-users have always appreciated VuWall’s ‘keep it simple’ ethos and TRx is no exception.”

Although engineered to work seamlessly with VuWall’s Tx and Rx hardware, TRx is also designed to work with third-party hardware. Just like all other VuWall products, VuWall’s TRx is open to multiple hardware platforms and already supports some of the major manufacturer brands as well as all hardware which is SDVoE compliant.

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