Vivitek has announced a brand-new projector designed for lecture halls and meeting rooms, with the new DU6693Z boasting a bright laser light source emitting 7,000 lumens.

Offering WUXGA resolution, the DU6693Z has been designed for 24/7 operation thanks to a quiet fan and an extremely long-lasting light source. Vivitek hasn’t noted exactly how long its light source will last, although other laser projectors have claimed up to 20,000 hours, so somewhere in that region wouldn’t be too surprising.

There’s more to this projector than just a long-lasting light source, however. Users will also benefit from a motorised lens and horizontal and vertical shift, with a 10-lens position memory for lens shift, as well as eight optional lenses that range from 0.38:1 to 8.26:1 throw ratio.

Given the versatility of the lenses, it’s only natural that the DU6693Z also benefits from versatility elsewhere. That’s why it offers 360° and portrait projection mode, which it also benefits from HDBaseT digital transmission and network control.

According to Vivitek, the 32dB fan noise makes the DU6693Z among the quietest 7,000 lumen projectors on the market. This was achieved through advanced thermal management technology, which improves the projector’s cooling efficiency and effectiveness. Its optimised air flow and better cooling means that lower fan speeds are required thanks to the heat or hot air being driven out of the projector in a more efficient way. A further benefit of the DU6693Z’s advanced cooling means that it is better protected from excessive heat, and can thus offer robust quality and better performance in the long term.

This model’s durability and reliability also shows through in the DU6693Z’s fully sealed optical engine. The benefit to end-users is it is air-tight, so that tiny dust particles cannot get into the optical engine part, and thus not able to interfere with the DMD chip, which makes the projector much more robust. A further advantage is the improved light efficiency, as the light path to the DMD is not affected by dust particles, which ensures a higher brightness level.

Commenting on the introduction of the DU6693Z, Holger Graeff, general manager, Vivitek EMEA, says: “One of the benefits of Vivitek’s many years in producing large venue projectors, is that we can apply this knowledge and expertise to bring advanced yet affordable projector technology to even more people. That is why the DU6693Z packs so much technology, good design and sound engineering principles into such a compact form. That it does so at such an attractive price, is set to make the DU6693Z popular with the business and education sector alike.”

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