Vision’s new HDMI Techconnect module provides installers with a fast and effective way to deliver 4K at 60Hz in hybrid meeting spaces.

Vision has announced the TC3 HDMI+, a new boosted HDMI module for Techconnect, to answer the increasing demand for 4K at 60Hz in hybrid meeting rooms.

The active module uses thicker AWG 26 copper wire, to help maintain signal strength.

“Our tests have shown a surprising number of laptops and low-cost display combinations struggling to deliver 4K at 60Hz, even over short cables, leaving AV installers with a problem,” explains Vision Director, Stuart Lockhart.

“Business buyers want 4K at 60hz to deliver a natural video conference experience where every detail can be seen clearly, but if they introduce a join as a faceplate, the signal will be weakened. Providing the boosted HDMI module solves the issue for them.”

The TC3 HDMI+ is due to ship in late September and will be available through Vision’s international network of distributors. Like all Vision products, it is backed by a Vision’s Lifetime Guarantee.

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