Vision’s new Multi HDMI Adaptor is now shipping, providing a simple but always-there solution to meeting connectivity.

“It’s such a pain having several loose adaptors floating around a conference room. They get lost, or visitors put them in their bag and take them away in error, leading to annoying delays next time the meeting space is used,” explains Vision Managing Director, Stuart Lockhart.

“We’ve solved the problem with a tethered four-in-one HDMI adaptor for the commonly-used video formats, which is driver-free, ensuring participants get connected immediately.”

The Multi HDMI Adaptor fixes to HDMI cables of various thicknesses and is tamper proof. It includes four of the most common video formats: MiniDisplayPort, DisplayPort, Mini-HDMI and USB-C, which has been tested and is compliant with the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

It couldn’t be simpler. The installer installs a long HDMI cable between the conference table to the display. The user grabs the cable from the table and plugs the selected adaptor into their laptop. And because it is tethered, it won’t go missing.

Stuart Lockhart explains: “Our focus during development was to make sure it worked without drivers, especially for USB-C devices which are becoming much more commonplace. We trialled a load of different form factors and, as is so often the case, found the simplest is the best. Bullish early sales indicate we’ve hit the nail on the head.”

The Vision Multi HDMI Adaptor is shipping now and is available through Vision’s international network of distributors. Like all Vision products, it is backed by a Vision’s Lifetime Guarantee.

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