Vision is bucking the trend for long AV product wait times, with order fulfilment performance running currently at an LIFR of 92%.

LIFR metric or Line Item Fulfil Rate is the metric used in logistics to measure stock availability. Vision’s LIFR of 92% shows that when customers place orders, 92% of the time stock is available for immediate shipment.

“Vision has excellent levels of stock of most SKUs at present,” says Vision Director, Stuart Lockhart. “And because we are transparent on stock levels, we display how many units are available on product pages on the Vision website,

“Integrators cannot install products they don’t have, so we ensure they have instant access to realtime stock levels, both in Vision’s main EU warehouse and in the UK.

“Stock can easily be moved from the EU facility to the UK as required. Vision customers can also track future incoming stock, by viewing the active estimated time of arrival data, which updates automatically as the batch proceeds through production and shipping.

“Supply chain disruption is causing havoc for integrators and their customers,” adds Lockhart. “Long wait times (which at present can be a matter of weeks, months, even years for some AV products) introduce unwelcome delays into projects which can have a negative impact on client relationships and on sales revenue for the supplier and delay access to much-needed new technology for end-users.

“Having stock levels displayed on our website for everyone to see, helps everyone. Integrators can plan and deliver projects while buyers, whether they be systems integrators or their end-user customers, re able to source suitable products for their installation during project planning or to source alternatives for unavailable products.”

Unboxing videos are provided for many of Vision products providing a short and puff-free overview of what’s in the box and highlight key features and their applications and benefits.

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