Vision has launched a new generation of its HDMI-over-IP product to deliver video content to one or more than 100 displays on a network, ideal for digital signage and corporate applications.

Vision has launched TC-HDMIIP-3, a new version of its best-selling HDMI-over-IP product, to supply video content from an HDMI source to displays over a LAN network, using H.365 compression to ensure smooth video with no loss of quality, in both one-to-one and one -to-many mode.

One video source can deliver video directly to a display via or without the network, or a single video source can deliver video to multiple displays on the network – with more than 100 displays supported in multi-cast mode, making the solution ideal for digital signage and corporate applications.

“Installers can trust it won’t flood the network, unlike many of the cheap devices on the market”, explains Stuart Lockhart, Director of Vision. “It is fully plug-and-play making set-up quick and easy. EDID is automatically passed through so simply connect everything together and it will work immediately – no advanced switch needed or any specialist network knowledge.”

“Installers, especially those in the retail sector, will also love the auto-shut off feature, which allows the display to turn off when the video source is powered down.

“Users will love that they can use a basic USB peripheral on the display, thanks to its new and improved Sigmastar chipset, which adds USB 1.1 to the product. The video source can also be controlled from the device, thanks to IR pass-through.”

The solution’s transmitter and receiver are sold separately to enable the system to be easily scaled.

The new TC-HDMIIP-3 is due to ship from October and will be available through Vision’s international network of distributors.

Vision will price-match with the advanced TC-Matrix to fill the gap in availability between the previous and new versions.

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