The Vision AV-1900 is a new true mixer-amplifier designed to answer the needs of medium-sized meeting and learning spaces where everyone must be able to hear all audio sources clearly, regardless of their location in the space.

“Good clear quality audio is essential to understanding and effective communication but can become complex and expensive to achieve in larger spaces like larger conference rooms, small auditoria, lecture theatres, school halls and houses of worship, especially when that audio includes multiple sources , both local and remote such as mics, stereo sources, remote presenters and live video content streams, which is now the norm,” explains Vision Managing Director Stuart Lockhart

“With the AV-1900, we’ve focused on packing in professional features normally found on much more expensive mixer amps, but it can also be quick, easy and highly flexible to install.”

The AV-1900 is 2x 50W amplifier at 8 Ohms, with four inputs, each of which can be either mic or line, and one of which has Bluetooth input.  Mic inputs are balanced to eliminate electro-magnetic noise on long cables and have individual phantom power control.

It also supports control over RS232 and is rack mountable.

The AV-1900 mixer-amplifier is in stock now and available through Vision’s international network of distributors. Like all Vision products, it is backed by a Vision’s Lifetime Guarantee.

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