Vision now offers a version of the VFM-F10 floor stand for Microsoft Surface Hub2. The VFM-F10/HB ships from late January and replaces the VESA mount with a ‘halo’ for fixing the Hub2.

Integrators can add an optional bracket which fixes APC’s battery under the rear shelf (shipping late Q1 2020).

Vision used the services of a design agency to create a form inspired by fine modern furniture, avoiding the normal heavy AV furniture aesthetic which Vision thinks detracts from Hub2 own attractive look. Vision says it is delicate and has a sense of movement that complements Hub.

Vision has also chosen to make the F10 more upright at 7° – compared to Microsoft’s 12° pitch – to ensure the Hub2 camera is centred on the audience and to reduce reflection.  Users who are seated using Hub2 for video conferencing can tilt the display to upright for a better angle.

The F10 also features larger 100mm wheels to make rolling smoother and easier. Strong cable management runs all the way down both legs, and the cables exit in such a way that they don’t get caught under the wheels easily. Large hooks on the back make it easier to wind up power cables and hang them for transit.

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