ViewSonic, a global provider of visual solutions, has introduced its latest All-in-One Direct View LED Displays – a brand-new addition to the large-size presentation display sector.

Different from traditional LED displays, these new displays integrate display, image stitching, power supply, and control systems into one device that offers easy installation, operation, and maintenance. The design of the All-in-One Direct View LED Display elevates the viewing experience and easily merges with the surrounding environment in spaces such as lobbies, auditoriums, boardrooms, and conference rooms.

“We are pioneering new trends in the LED projector and presentation display markets and moving the development of LED technology forward by achieving this new milestone in LED displays,” says Dean Tsai, the Head of the Projector & LED Display Business Unit of ViewSonic.

“We created a whole new product category, and market sector with All-in-One Direct View LED Displays, which come in sizes of up to 216 inches. The complete product line-up delivers large-sized presentation displays for a wide array of usage scenarios and proves that we remain at the cutting edge of innovative applications in the display world.”

Traditional large-size display solutions still have many limitations. LCD video walls have many LCD panels that are difficult to install, calibrate, and maintain. The panels are heavy with thick bezels, which can result in
problematic image grids. Also, the size of a single LCD panel has a limitation of 98”.

Although traditional LED displays constitute a significant improvement over LCD solutions and do not come with image grid issues, they still use separate systems for display, power supply, image stitching, and control, making them too large and difficult to maintain and operate.

The brand-new ViewSonic All-in-One Direct View LED Display resolves all the pain points of traditional largesized displays by providing innovative LED technology and integrating different systems into one device.

Moreover, it supports wireless presentation and can operate as a large interactive display through being coupled with ViewSonic’s ViewBoard or touch monitor.

Overall, ViewSonic’s All-in-One Direct View LED Display delivers a fantastic visual experience, and harmoniously blends in with its surroundings due to its elegant design. Because of its all-in-one design, it features easy installation, operation, and maintenance with a low total cost of ownership in the long run.

Fantastic visuals

For the magnificent viewing experience, the All-in-One Direct View LED display is available in four different sizes – 108”, 135”, 163”, and 216”. It has a stunning and vivid 120% Rec.709 wide colour gamut and up to 600 nits of brightness with eight levels of adjustment. Therefore, users can fine tune the brightness based on the environment.

Elegant design

Achieving a natural and perfect merger with the surrounding environment, the ultra-thin and lightweight display features a thickness of only 35mm. It’s as thin as a mural on a wall and blends in harmoniously with almost any interior design style. The super-slim bezel of only 10mm provides an even more immersive viewing experience.


For easy installation, operation, and maintenance, multiple pre-assembled and pre-calibrated panels eliminate the need for a complicated setup process. The modular design with wall mount or optional aluminium alloy floor stand allows for easy installation that is time and labour efficient: the installation can be completed by two people in just two hours. One power button provides easy operation, and there is a wide selection of instantly accessible I/O ports.

The system supports swappable modules, control systems, and 100% full front-maintenance using an electric vacuum suction tool.

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