Display Solutions says the new DTSF-17MOFP screen offers superior impact resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including kiosk, ATM, gaming and ticketing.

When sealed in an appropriate customer enclosure, the unit can also be used in outdoor environments.

The DTSF-17MOFP also includes projected capacitive touchscreen features, with an optically bonded protective layer of glass secured over the PCAP touch sensor to enhance the performance of the display in outdoor environments.

With a total 7.3mm glass stack-up thickness, the manufacturer says the unit delivers high resistance and protection from impacts whilst meeting the UL-60950 requirement.

In addition, the edge-to-edge flush design enables easy cleaning, for a bacteria/dust free screen.

Brendan O’Reilly, product manager at Display Solutions, says: “This new DisplayTouch product is an ideal touchscreen solution for harsh outdoor environments where heavy use is likely. The DTSF-17MOFP’s PCT features combined with a highly resistant protective glass guarantees users a reliable, accurate and high-speed touchscreen experience.”

Available as a compact and integrated solution, the touch screen is fitted directly to the unit and no additional assembly is required.

The display is HID compliant and therefore can be integrated with a thin client solution or computer.

The DTSF-17MOFP is available in a range of sizes, from 15in to 19in and is Windows 7 compatible.

RoHS compliant, the screen also carries CE, UL, CUL, and FCC-B safety approvals.


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