Nicole Corbin, Director of Product and User Experience at Utelogy Corporation.

In today’s economy, enterprises continuously look for ways to improve employee productivity, retention, and overall satisfaction. Technology is then deployed in these environments to improve collaboration and enhance performance, but the technology often proves unreliable and becomes the very reason for employee frustration as well as lost time during meetings. Organisations are trying to ­find cost-effective ways of optimising workspace technology to stay relevant while at the same time improving user experience. This is where Utelogy comes in.

Utelogy is the enterprise-grade Management, Monitoring, and Control Software company that provides a complete overview for any workspace under a ‘single pane of glass’. The Utelogy Platform can report on data, generate alerts, and present deep analytical insights from all devices that have an open API, on top of offering non-proprietary AV and UC control. Being hardware and software agnostic allows the Utelogy Platform to integrate and support products that are connected over the network including AV devices, in-room PCs, IoT devices, Video Codecs, UC Clients, as well as USB peripherals.

The industry today, whether it be a corporate enterprise, government, or education, is moving to a new way of conferencing, collaborating, and teaching. The shift of working from home in 2020 caused many companies to switch up the technology and devices they use and deploy on-site as well as virtually. Soft codec conference platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Meet have replaced legacy systems due to the ease of widespread adoption, flexibility, and low (or no) price point. These technologies can be accessed on any modern device and now offer room kits for huddle rooms, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, classrooms, and everything in-between.

Needless to say, this is the wave of the future and there’s no turning back to the old way of AV system integration. In the spirit of moving companies into the next generation of technology innovation (hardware and software alike), there needs to be a way for IT staff and MSPs to offer proactive support and data analytics to make calculated business decisions. Utelogy is the perfect software companion to do just that.

Utelogy’s remote management and monitoring solution, U-Manage, allows end-users and MSPs to gain insights into the entire AV estate through the use of analytic dashboards, custom reporting, alerts and notifications, as well as overnight and on-demand room readiness testing with U-Automate. This transitions enterprise support from being reactive to proactive. The system allows users to assess the health of the AV landscape and detect issues prior to impacting service.

With U-Manage, IT and AV managers can bridge the gap between people, workspaces, and technology by:

  • Minimising business disruption
  • Increasing efficiency and quality of collaboration technology
  • Understanding how meeting rooms and technology are used
  • Identifying meeting space trends by geography, room type, etc. to optimize behavior  Improving the overall user experience
  • Decreasing operational costs
  • Optimising future real estate and technology spends

Another way the Utelogy Platform is offering solutions to present-day problems is with its award-winning U-Automate room readiness tool. When the back-to-office boom happens towards the end of 2021 moving into 2022 IT support staff will surely be overwhelmed by getting all the new procedures and processes into place, not to mention making sure the equipment is updated and running as expected. While most people have been working from home for the better part of a year the in-office technology has become stagnant which can quickly turn into costly and time-consuming maintenance.

Utelogy can make the transition of going back to the office dramatically easier for these employees because they can proactively see alerts, get detailed reports on each location, and run scheduled room tests without the need to wait for the office to open back up. By eliminating the need for physical people to be on-site executing sweeps from room to room, Utelogy can make sure a company’s valuable and expensive resources are allocated only to the rooms that have errors and alerts. This approach saves time and money while increasing employee satisfaction which directly relates to turnover and retention rates.

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